Cupping Therapy for Hair Problems

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wet cupping therapy is an effective treatment in treating a variety of medical diseases, including diabetes, lipid disorders, cardiovascular disease, and immune system disease and several skin disorders including hair loss, hirsutism, acne, urticarial, and psoriasis. The purpose of Cupping Therapy over the scalp is to use the suction to open up the hair follicles and promote blood circulation to help maintain the hair while getting rid of toxins and DHT that build up underneath the scalp. We have expertise in cupping and the latest regimes for Hair Regrowth, Hair Loss Treatment which is highly effective for Complete Hair Baldness Solution. In hair loss treatment cupping therapy for hair with herbal serum have fruitful results. You can see visible difference in 2 to 3 sessions after cupping therapy. An effective and common therapy now a days.It’s called Hijama and it’s a very successful treatment method for several types of disorders. In the present time, this treatment method is called Cupping therapy in which an airtight cup is used for treatment.

Normally we see that when a person is sick and being treated he is supplied blood but in Hijama therapy we remove blood to treat the patient.

By Hijama therapy we can treat many disorders like Migraine, Back pain, Joint pain, Slip disc, etc. Apart from this Hijama therapy we can also treat hair loss and help the regrowth or lost hair. This is a method in which you can see the results in a very short time.
Cupping therapy acts to trigger the hair follicles by stimulating the blood flow of the scalp. It delivers good nutrition for hair roots, increases the movement of the sweat glands and opens the pores of the skin. Cupping therapy not only removes the bad blood from the skin but also removes harmful elements absorbed underneath the surface of the skin. It stimulates, therefore, the process of hair growth.
By cupping therapy we get rid of the bad blood along with DHT and it controls the amount of DHT in blood. One the DHT has been controlled hair follicles start to regrow and you can notice new hairs as well as it stops hair loss.
If you are suffering from hair loss or if you are already bald then you must try this therapy.

We Provide Latest Procedure Which Will Help You Cure-all Hair Problems.

41 reviews for Cupping Therapy for Hair Problems

  1. Rajesh Mallu

    I was fearing before taking this treatment. But truly speaking it is completely painless and powerful. My hair falls completely vanish in 3 treatment sessions. Wonderful option. Recommendation.

  2. Gautam Bir

    Superb and amazing results great difference to stop hair fall Thank you doctor. I found very effective results for hair problems. According to me everyone should try this cap and light therapy. Confidently say that hijama cupping has immensely helped me. Excellent experience

  3. Rahul Singh

    Fantastic first time experience very accommodating and explained everything in a calm and understandable manner. Very good result my hair. Best place for hijama cupping.

  4. Madhu

    It is good, natural hai, i feel so light head aftr therapy.

  5. Virender

    Best hair treatment, took 5 sessions here, 5 months treatment. therapy and some type water based oil was given for application over hairr. Good results.

  6. Krishna kant

    The services for hair that I receive here is excellent. Dr. Izharul Hasan and the staff are friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about my health and care. I would have no qualms in recommending them to friendly and friends.

  7. Satish Chaddha

    Superb and amazing results great difference to stop hair fall at this clinic. I found very effective results for my hair fall problems. Hair fall to 2nd time me he completely stop ho gaya tha, and afterthat i notice few new hair at sided-head lines and thicken hair. I tried this therapy 4 times before at many center but was not receiving any of effect, i was totally upset and frustrated. One of my friend recommend me for this place. Dear guys i would like to say you that always took this therapy by professional doctor only, otherwise time and money both are wasted. Thank yu Sir. You are doing great work.

  8. Manish Kumar Age 24 Yrs

    Excellent service here. Best hygienic place for hijjama and cupping therapy . I had hair loss and visited here. My hair fall stop after taking 3 session only.Dr Izharul Hasan and Dr Amir here both are a Knowledgeable person, good behavior, explained each things in details. Now i am here for maintenance sessions and detox body only. I always book my session timing and date online here. I got following things in this price:-
    1. One Session Hijama cupping over head
    2. Energy Photon to stimulate hair for 10 to 20 minutes
    3. Hair Serum which is water based for 30 days.
    I highly recommend this center to treat hair problems.

  9. Manjeet Sahni

    Best Clinic for Hair treatment in Delhi.
    Cons: I deduct one star as clinic is 80 km from my home and my one day gone finish to visit here.
    Now come to my points about effects: 1. It is good option for hair fall problem, no doubt it is best oldest cupping therapy center in Delhi.
    2. Effects were started after mine first session of this therapy and hair fall fully stopped in 3 sessions.
    3. At this clinic dr hasan provided me, (i) Hair Oil type that was about 50 ml for one month for topical use on each visit, (ii) Cupping Hijama therapy for hair , (iii) Some light like handle over scalp and head for about 10 to 15 minutes.
    4. I recommended this clinic all for hijjama cupping for hair fall . Good hygiene place .

  10. Chandan Kumar

    Best Cupping Therapy in Delhi. I highly recommended. Got good results.

  11. Mohd Naved Azam

    Results are seen. Rcvd here in this price ( 1 cupping session, photon light 15 minutes, needling and hair serum for topical use over head), overall good price and best cupping therapy center in delhi.

  12. Gyandeep

    Excellent feeling. Just 15 minutes back took cupping therapy on my head. Dear guys it is fabulous. Feeling light body and head.

  13. Magnum

    Like this Hijama treatment for hair. 2 Hijama k baad kuch new small hair dikh rahe, hope more hair will regrow. Best Hijama clinic in New Delhi. Good

  14. Nazma


  15. Riya

    Attention given by the doctor Hasan and staff is good. I am impressed and feel to refer any patient, who required treatment.

  16. Zian Family

    Excellent services. We are very much satisfied with all the services. offered here. Really appreciable, affordable price treatment.

  17. Vihan

    Clinic services are very good. Doctors are regularly available. Clinic is maintained very neatly and hygienic.

  18. Rahi

    Best Hair treatment doctor in delhi. Love all health care services provided at this center. Good doctor Good services.

  19. Vikas

    Very good treatment, I cut one star because online booking only. Complete my 5 treatment, left only one treatment on dated 5th May.

  20. Chanchal 34 F

    Good deal, doctor Hasan giving me in this price, (a) 1 cupping session all over head and few other points, (b) hair oil serum type for applying over scalp, (c) 20 minutes cap therapy lighting for stimulation of hair follicles. ,(d) consultation as needful. Overall good deal at this price.

  21. Joginder

    Hii friends, it was my first session today, booked online and fixed date. It is good option, without shaving head it was done as I don’t like to shave my head. Doctor provide me cupping without shaving head, with application of honey mixed medicine, light photon therapy, and hair oil 50 ml for one month. I will update more details after 3 sessions.

  22. Kusum

    Hair fall treatment .. this cup therapy, Hair fall kam to ho gaya bas fir na ho . Doctor advised me this therapy every 3 months.

  23. Neelam

    First experience with this cupping therapy. Great philosophy. Too much toxic blood release.

  24. Tarah


  25. Mahesh

    Best hair fall treatment. πŸ™

  26. Vinay Gupta

    Great Service and a really honest Doctor. They really have helped throughout the procedure. I had already recommended many person here.

  27. Amit sir

    It was a great experience .Dr Izharul Hasan is great at his work. I Took cupping treatment for my hair loss .on first month i doubted but after 3 month results amazed me . Dr.izharul Hasan and his whole team is very humble and polite . definitely i will recommend to my friend. As well treatment is cast effective .thank you

  28. Atish Dipankar

    Just took cupping therapy From this clinic. Amazing Experience with knowledgeable Doctor. They took all the time to ensure that I was comfortable and understood the procedure.

    I’d certainly recommend using their services again.

  29. Maniram

    Very good treatment. πŸ’―πŸ’―

  30. Mohd makhdum

    Amaging results:-):-):-):-)

  31. Aarohi Sharma


  32. Kushal Tandon

    One of the best skin and hair specialist In Delhi. THis treatment is really excellent and worked perfectly on my face skin and gair issue. Dr is very experienced and expert doctor Who could diagnose and treat problem with confidence.

  33. Kiran dohare

    Dr Izharul Hasan is an excellent Doctor , he has been my family doctor from a year and a half now. He is excellent in his work and listens to your problems patiently. Before coming here I used to visit another famous clinic but they used to run like a factory and were extremely impersonal.
    I highly recommend this clinic to everyone.

  34. Pranav Pandya

    I was experiencing mild hair loss for a long time until a friend told me about this treatment. In the last 3 months not only my hair fall is controlled but new hairs have been started growing. highly recommended.

  35. Lalit Sharma

    I was suffering from severe fungal infection over scalp from last 5 years but no treatment worked. Then I met Dr Hasan and within a few weeks, I started to seeing improvement in my infection.
    thank you, Dr

  36. Benoy Roy

    This is a good clinic for all type of hair and skin problems. Dr Izharul Hasan and his entire doctor team is well versed with Indian skin conditions. TQ

  37. Kadir Jafar

    Best hair treatment in Delhi.

  38. Pranjal borah

    This is Hijama treatment. In past kuppa therapy. Took this therapy first session here for body detoxification and edema in hand. πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

  39. Beautiful Life

    Very good for body detoxification. Love this treatment.

  40. Sima akter

    Got relief in my headache and migraine.

  41. Ghanshyam Tiwari

    Best Hijama clinic in Delhi

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