Cupping Therapy for weight loss

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Among all the benefits of cupping therapy and the many ailments it can heal, the most interesting is possibly using cupping therapy to promote weight loss. Excess weight is based on many factors such as sluggish metabolism, stress, hormone imbalances, excessive intake of unhealthy food with low nutritional value, and inadequate exercise. All of which can be caused by stagnate energy, within the body. Patients also receive a diet plan that includes healthy, balanced, and nutritious food which if they follow, can maintain weight loss on a long-term basis.

For more information, you may be interested in our comparison of wet and dry cupping, or our detailed description of the many different cupping techniques.

6 reviews for Cupping Therapy for weight loss

  1. Geetanjali

    It s Cupping therapy, for detoxification and improve circulation. Weighing reduce.

  2. Farahat


  3. Namrata


  4. Komal Shah

    Nice 👍

  5. Saroj Kumari 21 F

    cupping is an entirely natural treatment that uses the body’s own responses to accelerate weight loss and improve the immune system and metabolism. My weight 3 kg gone in 21 days. Seems effective.

  6. VijaY singh

    Cupping therapy loosens up connective tissue and opens up capillaries, allowing newly oxygenated blood to pour into the area of application. This helps your cells grow, repair and in the process accelerate your metabolism.
    At the same time, this process flushes out the stagnated blood through the lymphatic system, carrying waste and ruptured fat cells along with it. Taking today my 4th session here. Very hygenic placee.

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