Dry needling and cupping therapy

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The results were dramatic! The tiny single-use acupuncture needles are inserted into the soft tissue creating a micro-lesion that stimulates your body’s own response to heal itself. Many conditions can be treated with dry needling including headaches, low back and neck pain, tendonitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and pelvic floor pain. Dry needling is an effective tool to use in the clinic to release knotted tension in muscles, known as trigger points which cause pain and chemical irritation (inflammation). We are treating patients successfully with both dry needling and cupping (vacuum therapy) along with the traditional manual therapy techniques and exercise for optimum joint biomechanics and muscle performance.

One session of dry needling and cupping therapy with 15 days of ayurvedic herbal medicine cost only Rs 1800.

7 reviews for Dry needling and cupping therapy

  1. Falaq

    Friendly efficient staff. Very knowledgeable. Clean and spacious treatment. Inviting atmosphere. Plenty of informative leaflets for various problems and conditions’. Best needling and cupping therapy for backpain and stiffness removal noted.

  2. Aahan

    Very kind staff always making time for me. Cupping therapy is good treatment for all types of bodyaches. It is effective.

  3. Parth

    ‘Focused support and advice from Practicing doctor here who had read my medical notes prior to my appointment and understood my needs as an individual patient. I was provided with a clear outcome and a follow up plan was agreed. Medication available immediately following appointment. Good doctor.

  4. Aakil

    Service and treatment is very good. Thank you for taking care of my father. Best Cupping therapy center in delhi.

  5. Nency

    Best needling treatment with this cup therapy.

  6. Saba Fatima

    Took acupuncture with cupping. Satisfied 👍👍👍👍👍

  7. Khan Sir

    Recommendation 💯💯💯

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