Needling for shoulder pain 3 sessions 15 days medicines

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Needling therapy for shoulder pain may be an excellent treatment strategy, but it really depends on what is causing the shoulder pain in the first place. Obviously, there are many causes of shoulder pain. Needling is an excellent tool for addressing shoulder muscle imbalance. Dry needling involves the use of a small needle to treat the myofascial trigger points resulting in the shoulder muscle imbalance. The goal of the dry needling therapy for shoulder pain is to produce a muscular twitch and subsequent relaxation of the painful knot in the shoulder muscle. Results are guaranteed at our center.

3 sessions of dry needling and 15 days of herbal ayurvedic medicine cost only @1800.

5 reviews for Needling for shoulder pain 3 sessions 15 days medicines

  1. Shahida Sultana

    Wonderful experience. It was painless.

  2. Suburban

    Best acupuncture clinic.

  3. Academic press

    Took 9 sessions for this needling therapy. Feel very good after this treatment.

  4. Prashant Bhushan

    An awesome place for the world’s best treatment for mostly all the diseases. I have experienced a very healthy treatment here. Firstly I have met with slip-disc problem, when i came here I’m totally on bed but after certain period of time and only after a few treatment sittings i returned on my legs.. excellent service and high quality.

  5. Mukul Gupta

    My treatment is going on but I have got relief in just 3 sittings.

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