Laser Treatment for Lighten Scar

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  • Laser treatment for scars reduces the appearance of scars.
  • It uses focused light therapy to either remove the outer layer of the skin’s surface or stimulate the production of new skin cells to cover damaged skin cells.
  • Laser treatment for scars can reduce the appearance of warts, skin wrinkles, age spots, scars, and keloids. It doesn’t completely remove a scar.

4 reviews for Laser Treatment for Lighten Scar

  1. Gungun

    Visible results noted after 2 sessions. Goodone

  2. Sanya Anand

    sahi hai, Been so regular with this clinic from last 3 years and had the best of experience. Dr. Izharul and Dr Amir both had been very sweet n’ patient with me throughout all the procedures. Highly recommend it.

  3. Ruhani Singh Mann

    My experience here has been exceptional. The results are fab and clearly visible on me. Both doctors run super smoothly and are very understanding. Thank you

  4. Priyanka

    Excellent services. Helpful doctors

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