Mesotherapy for knee joint pain

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Mesotherapy is the injection of active substances into the surface layer of the skin. This method allows a slower spread, higher levels, and longer lasting effects of drugs in the tissues underlying the site of injection (skin, muscle, and joint) compared with those following intramuscular injection. This technique is useful when a local pharmacological effect is required and relatively high doses of drug in the systemic circulation are not. Mesotherapy should only be undertaken following a complete clinical workup and subsequent diagnosis.
1. For Knee Pain: an improvement in pain and function in patients who were treated with mesotherapy and concluded that this approach is safe and effective in OA
2. Back Pain Treatment: It is a simple, cost-effective, and promising method for treating Back pain.
3. Neck pain: Mesotherapy is also applied in cervical pain under acute and chronic conditions. Neck pain is a major public health problem with a high prevalence in the general population. In patients with chronic neck pain and showed a reduction of neck pain at the end of the therapy sessions respect baseline.
In conclusion, mesotherapy is a good option in rehabilitation field for musculoskeletal pain with good advantages and few or no side effects.

Mesotherapy is both effective and safe for the treatment of patients with OA. Mesotherapy is included as an ancillary treatment in the management of localized pain in rehabilitation. Regardless of mesotherapy technique, its effects on pain can vary, depending on the points and drugs, for which there remain no definitive treatment protocols. For example, both the mesotherapy with normal saline solution or with a drug cocktail proved efficacy in the short term in improving musculoskeletal neck pain: instead, it would seem that for the maintenance of the good results in a longer period (up to three months from the end of the treatment) the drug cocktail is more effective.

11 reviews for Mesotherapy for knee joint pain

  1. Ruby Alam

    Excellent results, unbelievable.

  2. Shagufta Anwaar

    Amazing experience

    Dr Izharul Hasan has literally changed my life I’m so happy with my knee joint problem. I went this clinic so happy after having so much wonderful results in knee pain and he made me feel so at ease all the way through,I’m so happy with my result and can not thank him enough.

  3. Advocate Tabrez

    I’m very happy with the results, after the 3rd week of waiting for swelling of the treatment to improve Dr. Izharul hasan recommended this mesotherapy option for the treatment of my joints pain, and I can’t be more satisfied with the results. He is providing an intelligent, effective and affordable way to combat these pain management issues. I recommend every person who are having pain problems.

  4. Sushil

    This procedure is more affordable and effective than the surgery for repair knee joints and others. I hope this helps other to avoid the waste of time and money. I’m glad.

  5. Neetu Gupta

    In last years here there kabhi s clinic kabhi koin hospital, i spent so many more thousands of rupees in pain killers, mri and so on and treatments which haven’t made much of a difference.
    Overall very good for knee joints pain. I regret it from the day I have done this treatment. Here I had my first meso session on the 16th of Feb after one treatment I saw results. I had the second session on the 15th and I am seeing results. I’m scheduled to have 2 more sessions hoping to get rid of my all problems.

  6. Parkash Jha

    For me it is best mesotherapy treatment in Delhi.Thank U..

  7. Vikas

    Good effects. Complete my 3 sessions treatment. Now Next visit after 6 months. Satisfied.

  8. Anshu

    Wov!!It was painless treatment, minute needle with medicine was given in my knee joints and shoulder upper portion. Did not feel any uncomfortable. Suitable treatment who wants avoid surgery. Notice reduction in pain after 4 days of fst treatment.

  9. Vajpayee

    Best knee joint pain treatment

  10. Anuraag

    Nice for knee joint pain. Feel relieved. But my previous doctor told me that both knee joints cartilage and bone damaged, so took this treatment, hope get recover for cartilage n bones.

  11. Mittal Lucky

    Osteoarthritis treatment. Recommendation

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