Meso-PRP Treatment for Pain Management

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The goal of Meso-PRP in pain management is to reduce or eliminate pain through healing.The platelets in PRP release growth factors that play a vital role in bone healing.Growth factors include Platelet-derived Growth Factor, Transforming Growth Factor-ß, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor as well as several others.This PRP is mixed with special natural cocktails specialized person to person and inserted to promote a faster healing response.
1. Starts results after 1st session of treatment.
2. It repairs damage tissues, ligaments
3. It stops further degenerative changes in bones,
4. repairs Cartilage of the bone.
5. Good option for knee joints pain, shoulder pain, elbow joint pain, back pain and disk pain treatment
6. It is completely painless,
7. There is No side effects, no risk
8. It is done by 15 years experienced professional doctor
9. Results are long lasting with maintenance session
10. It is newest treatment with excellent results.

It is also effective in treating acute soft tissue injuries or chronic tendinopathies like acute Achilles tendon repair, rotator cuff repair, acute ligament injury, muscle injury, and meniscal repair, knee joints pain, osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, back pain, disk problems, and sports injury.

30 reviews for Meso-PRP Treatment for Pain Management

  1. Shobha

    Wonderful physician and staff. Highly skilled and personal care.

  2. Vijender

    I felt that Dr. Izharul hasan clinic is very thorough and knowledgeable, specifically with my issue. I trusted their experience, and I feel that I can rely upon them to partner with me through this ongoing issue.

  3. Neetu Sharma

    Overall experience was very nice, Dr. Izharul hasan and his assistant were professional and friendly and were able to answer all my questions, that made me very comfortable. Great health care services.

  4. Sweta Kumari

    Comfortable and effective. Treatment is working.

  5. Nand Kishore

    Very good Sir , best prp treatment doctor in delhi. Feeling lessons in pain after this procedure.

  6. Sompal

    It improving sluggish blood circulation to joints.

  7. Naveen Kumar

    I would definitely have this treatment again as the recovery time was minimal, it was almost pain-free and the effects were almost started after 5 days.

  8. Rimas alberico

    It seems effects are started, today 5 days gonna …

  9. Subodh Kumar

    Good pain treatment

  10. Archna

    Sahi treatment hai. My mother in law feel difference.

  11. Zarin


  12. Nukul verma

    According to me, it is best pain management clinic. My cousin met with accidental ligament injury Nov 2019, and it was still non+healing as MRI report and pain persist. In mid of March took these injections & 20th apr 2nd session by saying me. He get 50 to 55 percent pain relief and improve in mobility too.

  13. Anil Kumari

    I really had no weighing that it would work, and so I did the manipulation and I lie to you not, I went from 40% to well-nigh 80% in one session. Now there was obviously a little digression without I leave for a couple of days considering the muscles start to lock when up or do whatever, I guess they have their own mind, and so I was coming for a week and a week and literally I was seeing mass gains in my strength and my arm. And so I guess you get to 90% relief.

  14. Jainab

    Over the course of six months I got all of my strength back, and all of my mobility. Tqs

  15. Jennifer

    I went to many different types of doctors, all with different recommendations some of them quite severe. As severe as knee replacement surgery, and I was too young to even consider these options.

  16. Ayyan

    Luckily I was worldly-wise to find Dr. Izharul Hasan. He introduced me to a procedure called, Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy was a series of injections over a period of well-nigh six months. During that period I was worldly-wise to regain scrutinizingly all of the mobility that I had lost prior to the wrecking while I was in the army. I was worldly-wise to go on and do training with the police academy, and go when and start doing some of the sports I did prior to my accident. Prolotherapy gave me back a good portion of the life that I lost when I was injured in the army.

  17. Nimbalkar

    Dr. Izharul Hasan helped start my recovery first by treating my joint pain with a treatment known as meso prp combination. This solution activates the body’s own healing mechanisms and motivates the healing of tissues that don’t typically heal themselves. Almost immediately without whence this therapy I was worldly-wise to walk without significant pain and saw a gradual return of some of my lost mobility and flexibility.

  18. Vivek Kumar

    Hi everyone, this is the best clinic in delhi for any spine problems or neck problems, all staffs are very supportive and Helpful.

  19. Mohd Ali

    Its really good experience for back pain treatment for my father here. My father age is 74 years and he was suffering heavy back pain for long time but with this meso prp treatment here for last 2 weeks, he has very good improvement and relief.

  20. Navya Chaudhary

    When I came there I have So much pain in my left leg.I got very nice treatment and I feel so relief .I recover my leg pain so fast. here doctors don’t give medicine to thier patient. Just this meso prp therapy and treatment is final.

  21. Diksha Verma

    It was good experience. Had a great recovery from L5 disc slip. I strongly recommend every patient of spine related injuries to come and visit once.

  22. Sonu Kumar Yadav

    During treatment under Dr.Izharul Hasan of this center, i find my self comfortable and recoverable to a very large extent and hope this experience will work in future for complete recovery. I thank him for his sincere efforts and thank Dr Izharul Hasan for my treatment.

  23. Pramod Shrivastava

    For me it is best pain treatment clinic in Delhi. Mine whole family is fan of Dr Izharul Hasan.

  24. Saif takdir

    Satisfied with this treatment

  25. Smrity

    Best backpain treatment in Delhi. Got relief in pain after the my first session.

  26. Manish Bajrang

    Very good clinic. . You just need to tell them your problem and they have an answer Fees is fine and ambiance is good.

  27. Badgujar nosh

    best clinic in delhi for pain related problem. My long lasting disease for knee n backpain get cured in just 3 sittings thanks to Dr Izharul Hasan for his dedication and understanding must recommend him to all.

  28. Zee Bangla

    Dr has very deep knowledge, Think for Patient benefit, also working to save patient from surgery. If you really want to live quality life, Pain free life then you must visit to Dr Izharul Hasan at Karol Bagh branch clinic.

  29. Avadhesh Shekhawat

    He is magical. I had consulted him regarding my dad who had severe pain in pelvic area. 3 other doctors had suggested spine surgery and his MRI too showed a nerve compression. We had made up our mind that we will go for surgery and got my dad admitted. Just before going to the operation, one of our known to suggested Dr. Izharul Hasan, here PRP injections with medicines were injected, and after 4 sessions, my dad is perfectly fine. He is a No Operation wizzard. Thank you doctor. God bless you.

  30. Nupur Talwar

    Really nice experience.Got relief in my backpain in only 7-8 days. Best PRP clinic in Delhi.

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