PRP for Neck and Back Injury Pain

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PRP is a next-generation injection procedure commonly used to treat the following conditions:

*Osteoarthritis of the Knee, Shoulder, Hip and Spine
*Rotator Cuff Tears
*Chronic Plantar Fasciitis
*ACL Injuries
*Pelvic Pain and Instability
*Back and Neck Injuries
*Tennis Elbow
*Ankle Sprains
*Ligament Sprains

Neck and back pain are one of the most worldwide health conditions which will be experienced by the majority of adults at some point in their life. Usually, when pain will have an vigilant onset and can be treated conservatively at home. However, persistent when pain for over 6 weeks is considered chronic low when pain and may not be as hands treated at home. If you experience a musculoskeletal injury, you want to find the best solution for your healing. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment might be your answer.
PRP proves to be an effective treatment for a variety of painful injuries, such as:

Tennis elbow
Shoulder, hip, and spine injuries
ACL injuries
Ankle sprains
Ligament sprains
Back and neck injuries
Muscle and tendon injuries

43 reviews for PRP for Neck and Back Injury Pain

  1. Arun Kumar

    Best Neck Pain Treatment in Delhi. Good one.

  2. Madhu Sudan

    Prp injection treatment for pain. I found it was pain free and totally non-surgical. However i was scared before treatment.

  3. Farhana

    PRP for relief of back pain. The injection were injected to the joint which helps in reducing the pain and improve the motion rate of the joint. Good treatment

  4. Riyan

    “Very comfortable coming to this office on a semi-regular basis…Dr Izharul hasan is pleasant and takes the time to listen to concerns, Best Neck and Back pain treatment in Delhi”. These injections ws totally pain free and 45 miniutes in complete procedure.

  5. Mohan Lal 63 M

    “In and out with ease, checked on my back pain problem, with clinical hands and ct and diagnosed in under 30 minutes, such wonderful care of me, explaining things carefully to make certain I understood. and further 20 minutes in prp injections. Friendly faces, Dr. Hasan is great! “

  6. Vikram Pai

    “See about 2/mo for a year now. Best doctor I ever had. “

  7. Sumeet saigal

    Yes, Best PRP treatment doctor in Delhi. Affordable cost prp.

  8. Rasmussen

    Back pain treatment was effective by this PRP injections.

  9. Jagan Mohan

    Best PRP injections and best PRP doctor in Delhi. Doctor is good.

  10. Madhu Sharma

    Got relief in heel pain after 2 treatment PRP sessions. Recommendation from my side. It is a good option.

  11. Ruchita Bhagat

    Hi my name is Ruchita Bhagat, and I found Dr.Izharul Hasan on the website. I researched several other prp doctors and found that his rates were veritably fabulous. I momentum up here from Palm Springs every four weeks to get the injections. I started getting the injections, this is my fourth time. The first two I was still in a little bit of pain, but without the third injection the pain was scrutinizingly gone completely.

  12. Naazma Musarrat

    I am very much into exercising and eating healthy, and I do marching zany types of exercises 5 days weekly. With a lot of lunges and squats and things like that. These injections from the doctor have unliable me to do these freely without pain. He’s amazing, he’s wonderful, he’s kind, he really cares from his heart. And I would recommend him to anyone who is having any type of pain.

  13. Vineeta

    My name is Vineeta, and I heard about this clinic by one of my known. I’m a runner and it’s helped me with a hip injury. It’s helping to strengthen my hips so I can get out there and run again. I would highly recommend this treatment for people that suffer from injury pain or sports injury.

  14. Pankaj Arorra

    Very good and satisfactory treatment. It’s really appreciable the way doctor advised the prp treatment is fruitful. Got relief in my back pain.

  15. Adv Amit Kumar Jha

    It was a wonderful experience in terms of recovery we had. My mother has suffering from high severe pain and discomfort of highest level. Pain in the back so severe that my mother was not even able to sleep properly. Within a period of around 2 months and 7 days, mother has recovered to almost 90% and feeling very confident to gain 100% recovery in times to come. Thank to Dr Izharul Hasan & special thanks to Dr. Amir for all the transformation and recovery.

  16. Sonam Diwan

    2 years ago, It was an early morning i wake up and saw my wife suffering from high pain in left side of low back area , she was lying down on bed , it was very much shocking to me , i took him with in few hours to this clinic , Dr. Izharul Hasan treated her very carefully in best way with no medicines with only advanced prp treatment , she is now very much better doing in all activities within 15 days , am really truly very humble kind thankful to doctors members of this clinic are very helpful very polite in nature.

  17. Yaman Sikarwar

    Because of Dr. Izharul Hasan…am getting my life back. Infinite words are less in praises for him. Am Able to stand on my feet and walk now… the treatment is still on and am hoping wonders.

  18. Sushil goyal

    It’s good experience for me. Dr Ijharul hussain have very good friendly nature. i am suffering slip disc problem after one month I relief very much. its good hygiene clinic. All doctors and staff so cooperative.

  19. Usha Jain

    I am extremely happy with the treatment given by Dr.Izharul Hasan and now I am 100%better and can do my all personal work without pain….thank yu

  20. Taneja

    I was suffering from severe backache from the last two years and have visited many clinics but nothing happened. Then my brother suggested me to visit this center and you won’t believe after taking 4 sessions of this prp treatment by Dr. Izharul Hasan my pain has been disappeared. I’m very thankful to Dr. Izharul; Hasan, he is very cooperative and supportive, even the staff Md Amir y is very polite. Thanks for your support.

  21. Dhruv Uniyal

    A very good clinic for spine treatment, very systematic and dedicated treatment, they diagnose the weakness areas of your back though a spine test and give exercises accordingly, would definitely recommend people with chronic back pain to consult here.

  22. Paraswani

    Took these prp injections for my backpain due to occur after an accidental injury. Good

  23. suryakant mahiwal

    5 star specially to best pain management treatment.

  24. Meenakshi

    Good services

  25. Kirti Agarwal

    I had a good experience visiting him. He definitely understands your concerns and provides you with the best results.

  26. Aastha

    I am now satisfied by the way they have resolved my pain problem and assured to provide me good service. Thanks

  27. Narmita Chauhan

    Very professional and polite staff.
    Very happy with the services provided.
    Going to recommend to my friends
    Best PRP Injections

  28. Tanishk Khurana

    Excellent services. Well trained staff, and above that they’re super friendly and attentive. Definitely a thumbs up! Highly recommended for pain treatment!

  29. Parul Narang

    The place is good. They take all the safety precautions. Especially Dr Izharul hasssan does a beautiful work on you for pain management, i took for cervical and shoulder pain. It was wonderful experience.

  30. Arushi Khandenwal

    I have been taking prp services for my knee joints pain and backpain for last 4 months. I am completely satisfied with the services they provide, they take care of you not just during the session but they are also concerned after that, they make sure to reach out to you to check if you are comfortable. The place is hygienic and staff is friendly. I always take prp injections sessions from Dr Izharul Hasan, he is a wonderful person and will always listen to your preferences. I am looking forward to take more services in future.

  31. Preeti Malhotra

    Absolutely loved the courtesy and services specially PRP treatment. Too good for the prices they charge. Hygiene top class as well!

  32. Pankaj

    Excellent clinic for pain management, make sure u understand the treatment n the process, no bettering up & stright forward.

  33. Rihanna anjum

    I was suffering from back pain for past 5 and half years. Dr at this centre completely cured me of my long standing pain I will strongly recommend Dr Izharul Hasan if you have pain. Best pain management clinic in Delhi.

  34. Radha Soami

    All services are satisfactory. Dr. See the patients with personal touch. Good results in my knee joint treatment.

  35. Natasha kapoor

    My Mother in law suffered from acute Knee pain got excellent relief. Thanks to Dr Izharul Hasan and his team for their efforts in this pandemic situation. Now my Mother in law was a able to walk even without a walker.

  36. Shierly

    I am visiting this center for my foot pain under Dr Izharul Hasan, A very advanced center in Delhi with strong focus on patient satisfaction. I can say, it is cheapest prp treatment center in Delhi for pain management. Highly recommended and highly hygienic place.

  37. Vipin Sharma

    I was suffering from trigeminalnuralgia and I was not aware of it the pain was really pathetic , got proper guidance and treatment by Dr Hassan.. Im writting this review just for people like me who are suffering and not getting proper treatment.

  38. Hameed Khan

    I was suffering from back pain and L4 L5 slipped disc. Spine injection helped me a lot to get better. Tqs

  39. Md Humayun

    Would recommend for back pain treatment. Got good results

  40. Rajesh Ghosh

    Excellent doctor.His correct diagnosis helped in relief of my disc pain.Just one spinal injection and my disc pain has gone.Strongly recommend him for disc pain treatment.

  41. Anushman bhatt

    My mother in-law was suffering from acute pain with sciatica for past 7 months, Dr Izharul Hasan suggested PRP injections in her spine and within a period of 2 week s she’s almost pain free. Very dedicated services.

  42. Mr Tyler

    Best pain treatment extpert and thier service are really great and I am happy now.

  43. Ahmed Rahman

    best knee treatment and best doctor in clinic.

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