PRP Treatment for hair

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These plasma injections are platelet-rich and can potentially help the groups: Both men and women. Male balding and hair thinning is talked about extensively, Those suffering from androgenic alopecia or other forms of alopecia. This is also known as male/female pattern baldness, Those suffering from hair loss due to high-stress levels. Since this condition is not chronic, it can be treated rather easily, Those who have recently experienced hair loss. The more recent the hair loss occurred, the better your chances are of fixing it before it is too late for PRP injections, & Those with thinning or balding hair, but not completely bald people.

PRP injections are meant to thicken, strengthen, and grow hair from follicles that are still functioning.

29 reviews for PRP Treatment for hair

  1. Nasima Shaiyra

    Sahi hai, hair fall stop ho gaya, Alhamdulillah.

  2. Sachdev


  3. Madhu Bhaduri

    Hair treatment here found good results.

  4. Bansal

    Prp treatment sahi laga mujhe.

  5. Rahul Mahajan

    Excellent prp treatment,

  6. Mansoor

    Best PRP hair treatment with microneedling received here. Superb

  7. Sonia 19 F

    Got wonderful results with needling and prp treatment.

  8. Rahi masoom

    Happy with this treatment.

  9. Ishika garg

    Best hair treatment now a days. Seen results.

  10. Jiya Gupta

    3 sessions treatment RCVD with 25 days interval. Thank you

  11. Kiran dohare

    Happy client.

  12. Anwar Alam

    This is one of the most trusted and reputed skin and hair clinic in Delhi NCR. I have carefully selected the best and the most effective technologies for different skin and hair treatments. Recommend it.

  13. Anita Kumari

    Best clinic for skin whitening and glowing. This clinic is actually full fills all his promised. Best procedures at affordable price.

  14. Jitu Patwari

    Best skin and hair treatment in India and their charges are very reasonable this is the best clinic for skin and hair problems.

  15. Gobind

    I had a consultation with them for mole and skin tag with few warts removal. The removal of these abnormalities was great, they didn’t disappoint me explained everything precisely. Looking forward for the treatment now! Good for everyone.

  16. Prateek Singh

    I visited this clinic 3-4 times before deciding to get the treatment done from this clinic. I must tell that doctor gives to correct advice from point of treatment and do not include any other emotional form to persuade you to hurry for a treatment, Every body at the clinic is very supportive from support staff to doctor. And lastly the most important thing is that I got the results as per my expectations.

  17. Santo Domingo

    My Hair treatment prp was done around few months back. I am very much happy with the growth so far. After these prp injections is excellent.Total painless.. very cooperative. I recommend this clinic.

  18. Simta

    I get done my prp sessions last year in Apr, and very happy with me result density and hair growth is very gud.

  19. Bhupendra Yadav

    Dr. Izharul Hasan is the best doctor. He is very humble person and good in behaviour. He, is professional, knowledgeable and experience person, gives very helpful advice to his patient. There is no a spoof make out money. He is great to hair problems. He is keep and clear person. 😊

  20. Aman Singh

    Awesome experience…. friendly and cheerful staff and procedure perform to perfection….. was rally happy witht the first performance result. my second session done nw… can’t wait to see the result. Great work guys… keep up the good work 🙂

  21. Ajeet Pratap

    It’s a good place for getting skin & hair treatment. Very clean and upscale. Trusted and experienced doctors. Latest PRP treatment was given for maximum results. I found them on net and was lucky. 100 percent satisfied. Thanks.

  22. Rajeet bharat

    one of the best clinic for all types of skin problems in Delhi. The well qualified and the experienced doctor. I found this centre, best PRP injections at affordable cost.

  23. Monika Jain

    I have to say I am more than satisfied with my treatment. Dr. Izharul Hasan is one the best skin and hair specialists in Delhi & NCR.

  24. Jaskaran

    I got my acne and hair treatment from this clinic from Dr. Izharul Hasan. I would definitely recommend people to visit this clinic. The doctors here are amazing and very courteous. Deserves 5 star without a doubt.

  25. Tarika

    Good PRP hair treatment in Delhi. Satisfied 👍 with the treatment and clinic hygiene.

  26. Mahira Khan

    Fabulous hair fall treatment. Best PRP doctor.

  27. Mehrunnisha

    Satisfied with this @PRP hair treatment.

  28. Ramjeet

    Ati uttam .

  29. Farheen

    Best PRP treatment

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