Tennis Elbow Treatment

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Because they get very little blood, injured tendons heal notoriously slowly. Thoroughbred platelets vamp healing growth factors, so the idea of PRP is to inject a patient’s own platelets at the site of a tendon injury. To date, many studies suggest that PRP works effectively for tennis elbow. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy certainly looks like it could be a promising, new treatment approach to stubborn, chronic tendon problems, like Golfer’s Elbow and Tennis Elbow.

And, along with its lessor relative, Autologous Blood Injection (ABI) it has excellent upsides: It’s a quick procedure; minimally invasive; uses your own cells – not some toxic drug – and is unlikely to have any major negative effects.

“Tennis elbow” is a worldwide condition, however as a diagnostic reason for elbow pain, the term “Tennis elbow” is often overused and can rationalization ravages in treatment, and, if you are a patient with chronic elbow pain, and the treatments are not working, you will likely be tumbled well-nigh why they are not. This is where PRP has been shown to be very beneficial. Dr. Izharul hasan has been utilizing PRP to heal elbow injuries for years.

11 reviews for Tennis Elbow Treatment

  1. Shubham Panwar


    It works for me, found very good results, 2 years back i was injured while gymnastic activities and tried many treatments but no results. One of my doctor advised me to receive prp injections, i rcv 3 of prp injection here, and found it is effective option for those suffering sports injury.

  2. A K Patnayak

    Process is so simple and effective, results i notice after 5 days of my first session, now in april last week mine is 4th and final session. The full length process have made me feel extremely comfortable and well taken care of. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.

  3. Lata Chauhan

    Amazing, very personable, professional and thorough. Everything went smoothly. Quick and easy procedure, hardly it was 30 or 35 minute procedure and most important it was totally painless.

  4. Surbhi Agarwal

    Dr Izharul Hasan is very cautious and he’s artistic and his placement of the fluid. He discussed this before hand where he plans to inject so that you can agree or disagree and he also let you know if you might have bruising or swelling. I’m starting to notice major improvement in these painful areas.

  5. Deepak

    Best treatment for tennis elbow in Delhi.

  6. Aparna Sen

    Best PRP injections, affordable price, good service. Tq

  7. Gargi Arora

    Was suffering from sholuder pain for 3 years.Visited Dr Izharul Hasan .his treatment relieved my pain completely.I would highly recommend Dr Izharul Hasan as he is a very experienced Doctor and very effective these PRP injections.

  8. Prabhu jha

    one of the best doctors available in town. He treats everyone very nicely.God bless him with his Love.

  9. Akasher Tara

    World class pain services in Delhi…knee pain because of Arthritis…treated fully

  10. Nikhil kohli

    Best PRP centre. I had disc related pain. Dr Izharul Hasan diagnosed well and treatment with spine injection. Complete relief of pain. Strong recommendation

  11. Rishabh Gupta

    One of my family members was suffering from CERVICAL SPINE pain. I consulted Dr Izharul Hasan regarding it. He suggested some injection in her Cervical Spine area. He gave the medication for 2 month. Now it has been approx 4 months & now she is living pain-free. I would really suggest all the other person to consult him regarding any kind of pain.

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