Dark Circles Treatment

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This treatment is an alternative to other more harmful procedures like dermal fillers, laser resurfacing or topical creams for tightening and removing the pigmentation under the eye. The procedure is fast and simple. The doctor draws a sample of the patient’s blood. The blood is then processed. The plasma, rich in platelets, is isolated and then re-injected into the orbital region of the eye. Dark circles can be the result of unhealthy skin. This promotes the growth and development of collagen, new cells and elastin.

 This leads to the formation of new and healthy skin and tissues. It is a non-invasive procedure that has no side effects and if you are patient, you will emerge from this treatment with pristine new skin and tissues that banish dark circles forever.

7 reviews for Dark Circles Treatment

  1. Neha Kaur


  2. Nargis Fakhri

    Microneedling with PRP got here, it s best

  3. Sanjeet Verma

    Very experienced & polite Doctor with good environment ..Staff and clinic is also very good

  4. Priti Kumari

    Best at his work.Amazing!!

  5. Karuna Sgar 26 F

    Best Result of My Hair and dark circles Treatment.

  6. Himanshu Singh

    Done my hair PRP and face meso prp here, results are awesome. Dr Izharul Hasan team is very professional and Dr. Amir is very good doctor. Thank you

  7. Ravi Kant

    Extremely skilled and experienced doctor…i had hair transplant in bangalore 2 years ago and on a big scar on my head .scars have dense tissue with poor blood supply and so hair growth is tough to happen….but now i am in delhi and at this center they did a wonderful job as whole scar has good growth and actually more dense than surrounding area…hats off for this kind of job…highly recommend this place…wud go there again for any trouble….highly recommended and appreciated…thanks.

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