PRP facial or “vampire facelift”

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is extracted from the body using a safe, minimal process. The process begins by extracting a small amount of blood from the body. This blood is then carefully spun in a centrifuge to separate the various components of the blood. Once the components have been isolated, the plasma and platelets are extracted as a fluid concentrate. It is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure to make the face appear more youthful.

This safe, effective procedure can help to alleviate puffiness around the eyes, sagging around the jawline, and any lines, wrinkles, or skin tone issues you may be experiencing.

12 reviews for PRP facial or “vampire facelift”

  1. Rashmi Chaurasia

    Yes, it is best quality at very low price. Suitable for every middle class too. I received same therapy in 2009 in Mumbai Rs 8000 for one session. Firstly did not believe so less cost here, but really it is here. Surprising.

  2. Neha Gaur

    Top health care services for quality results, thanks

  3. Asma Nigar

    Excellent skin care services. Took the proper time for assess genuine reason of the problem. Happy to visit here. Good results of this prp treatment.

  4. Paraswani

    Cheap and best prp facial treatment. Good effects noted after soon of treatment. See you again doctor soon.

  5. Sandhya 25 F

    So good price. Best prp treatment.

  6. Rimsa Zareen

    Good experience here. After searching too much online here there finally got affordable price vampire facial.

  7. Anjna


  8. Nasrren Bano

    Nice, it is facial prp treatment. Very effective.

  9. Romana

    “I had a very positive experience with Dr Izharul Hasan at this clinic. Always a pleasant experience.”

  10. Farha

    Advanced PRP treatment in Delhi for hair fall and face skin rejuvenation is good, seen difference after 6 days of treatment. Satisfied.

  11. Shagun Sinha

    I got a session of prp facial done, and I was very satisfied. My skin feels clean and fresh 🙂

  12. Gagan

    Best part is that Doctor can just mesmerize you and half your problem just flies away. You are more and more comfortable and confident that you are going to get good results.

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