PRP treatment for Shoulder Pain

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PRP Therapy is a treatment for aiding the regeneration of ligament and tendon injuries, it helps shorten rehabilitation time and often eliminates the need for surgery. Growth factors can dramatically enhance tissue recovery and the proteins used in the process also initiate new blood vessel formation, bone regeneration in the shoulder, connective tissue repair, and wound healing. Plasma Therapy treatments is an FDA approved procedure designed to significantly reduce the intensity of pain, the duration of pain, and accelerate healing.
1. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections administer concentrated platelets from the patient’s own blood into damaged cartilage and tendons to reduce pain and to aid in the healing process.
2. PRP rebuilds these tissues and can be used for common tendon injuries, such as tennis elbow, and to repair cartilage due to osteoarthritis or other damage.
3.PRP injections consist of extracting a blood sample, concentrating the platelets, and injecting them into injured areas of the body.
4. PRP injections are sometimes performed in a series, but many patients only require one injection to see results.

Some patients may experience discomfort in the injection phase, however, the overall treatment is not painful. One session of plasma treatment with physiotherapy and 15 days of ayurvedic medicine just cost @5000. No other charges.

16 reviews for PRP treatment for Shoulder Pain

  1. Satish Kumar

    Got good results in 2nd time, in first time it was 25% pain reduced , in 2nd time aroud 80% pain gone. It is effective.

  2. Faheem Ali

    Prp injections for shoulder pain, is effective. I got rotator cuff tear in 2016 in gymnastic activity. Best prp treatment center near me. Glad.

  3. Kuldeep Patel

    Best cost for prp injections for shoulder pain. Took this treatment option for non-healing muscle and tendon injuries. 4 sessions complete. Good effect is seen.

  4. Nashir

    Good option for shoulder muscles tear. These prp injections were customise here I think so it s become effective.

  5. Manchanda Rao

    Shoulder pain treatment found good results.

  6. Manish

    Good one

  7. Parmod Mahajan

    Results noted

  8. Sunita Singh

    I am satisfied with the treatment of my cervical problem.. My back stiffness has gone. I have been treated by Dr Izharul hasan.

  9. satyam sinha

    Best place for back and neck patient’s…thank you to dr. izharul hasan

  10. Milan datta

    Good Experience , Best possible and calculated treatment provided with best and most friendly Doctors available. Very corporate and adjustable schedule system. Good clinic.

  11. Megha kaur

    I had a terrible neck pain which was radiating to my head because of which I could barely move my neck, read, write or sleep. This is the condition in which I came here on a friend’s recommendation. And I will always be thankful to him for sending me here. Within a week of the treatment by the ever smiling and competent Dr izharul hasan, I was fifty percent better. Today after completing my treatment of eight sessions, I am completely cured not only of my neck problem but also of the recurring back pain I had because of my desk job. Thank you

  12. ajay jain

    Very helpful treatment…. I got 100% better from my chronic back pain and able to continue my job without pain…..good prp treatment

  13. Nimbalkar

    Best shoulder and neck pain treatment option, almost recover from pain after 3 sessions, about 85 to 90 %>.

  14. Payal Jain

    I had been suffering from cervical problem for many years and had tried many different therapies and different hospital with no result. Their treatment has given good results and I’m feeling much better now in my pain and feeling energetic body also. Very good treatment for pain.

  15. Sameer Nagpal

    Had taken my mother for knee pain problem. The doctor suggested PRP injection and that has given her very good relief.

  16. Homelites home’

    If you are looking for specialist of bones and other things then you are at right place.

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