PRP Facial or Vampire Facial

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Also called as the ‘Vampire Facelift’ or ‘Dracula Therapy’, this treatment is based on the principle that our own body has the potential to naturally heal and slow down the process of aging; it’s a revolutionary repair system that places growth factors in the exact location where we want the skin to repair and revive itself. The treatment includes infusing the growth factors and essential proteins in the problem areas of the skin which is extracted from the patient’s own blood. Now to separate the red blood cells from the growth factors or collagen growth promoters, blood is placed in a centrifuge and spun down. When the extracted collagen growth promoters are injecting into the skin they trigger surrounding cells to multiply, in turn stimulating repair, increasing volume, and rejuvenating the skin.

One needs two to three top-up sessions after your first treatment. It is a safe treatment because it uses the patient’s blood. It is therefore considered a natural treatment. Its effects stay for long time, however for maintenance you can get this service every 6 to 8 months.

12 reviews for PRP Facial or Vampire Facial

  1. Manvi

    PRP session done by Dr Hassan. happy with service and very professional …really happy with the service and staff.

  2. Anjali Sharma

    All around. Knowledgeable, kind and attentive. Effective treatment.

  3. Anil Kumar

    Doctor is very caring! He explained everything so I could understand. He told me all my options and helped me with everything. Thnks

  4. Anamika

    Always on time, compassionate, empathetic, easy to talk to and relates exceptionally well. Hands-down the most effective and efficient doctor visits I’ve had (a patient for 4 years). Friendly, helpful staff as well.

  5. Geeta Grover

    I always leave feeling so much better in every way. I’ll never use anyone else for me and my family. If you need a great Dr to help you with your health and wellness do yourself a favor and meet this doctor.

  6. Nazmeen akhter

    Cheap and best vampire facial in Delhi. Strong ly recommendation 🙂🙏

  7. Rubina 23 F New Delhi


  8. Nasir Hossain

    Best PRP with microneedling, got good results.

  9. Apporva Patel

    A very nice experience with facial prp .Service was very good and staff was very cooperative and humble.

  10. Arun Pathak

    Very good experience. He change my look. Very happy and satisfied with this Facial PRP….Really good PRP Treatment center

  11. Kathuria megha

    I had my 1st sitting last month in Apr but was much more satisfied with the 2nd sitting. Was very comfortable during the procedure and even didn’t face any discomfort post procedure infact. Visible changes on face.

  12. Sudan Rohan

    One of the most professional doctor and very talented skin care . I personally took prp sessions here, amazing in his work. Would suggest it to anyone interested.

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