Hair Regrowth Treatment

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It is a latest, state-of-the-art technology that employs non-surgical methods to stimulate hair growth in case of hair loss, natural way to rejuvenate your scalp, skin and stimulate your hair growth.It is a effective Hair fall treatment and does not require any surgery. It is done by drawing a small amount of blood approximately 20ml from the client suffering hair fall problem. This procedure is considered completely natural as the clients own platelet rich plasma are activated and injected to the scalp to give growth factor and healing.

This is considered an excellent therapy for clients who want to retain the natural hair from further hair fall.

73 reviews for Hair Regrowth Treatment

  1. Amit Tyagai

    Every one can afford this price. I took 4 sessions here. Highly satisfaction results. Visible difference was in mine 2nd visit.

  2. Jasmeen

    Acha option hai. 2 sessions me hair fall poori tarah se rook gaya. volume bhi badh gaya hai. Ram ji bhala kare.

  3. Bharat Lal

    After session i found it is Ease procedure, the little recovery time and the non-invasive nature of it, is increasingly becoming a go-to option for many to treat their hair loss issue.

  4. Babita Sharma

    Dr. Hussain is incredible. Not only has he taken great care of my health, but also he is lovely to speak with at every appointment. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming his patient.

  5. Dinesh Kumar

    Great medical office for prp , wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. Appreciate Dr. hassan taking time to go over the diagnosis of hair fall cause clearly and treatment options. Was referred over by my general doctor and can see why. Highly recommended.

  6. Vineeta Yadav 34 Yrs

    Dr. Izharul Hasan and his staff is 5 stars all around! He is honest, perfectionist, professional, experienced, patient and thorough, as he takes his time to explain and answer any questions you may have. He very personable, talking to him is like talking to a true friend. He did my PRP Hair Restoration Treatment along with herbal hair serum for application over scalp, and let me say it has been a success! I have so much new hair! He also does my prp and microneedling for face, I love his natural approaches. I am very picky when it comes to my next session for hair and face as I am against the “frozen look.” I love how natural I look and all thanks to Dr. Izharul Hasan. I am so grateful to have become his client. Thank you Dr. Izharul hasan for being part of my treatment and saver!

  7. Nazia Adeel Age 21

    Dr Izharul Hasan dioing a great job through the process. He is patient, spent time to educate me on the options, and advised me objectively on what the best treatment regimen was best for me. The procedure was handled professionally, and he diligently followed up with me in the months after the treatment.

    I highly recommend Dr Izharul Hasan for anyone looking for aesthetic treatment. Thank You dr. Good results.

  8. Sushmita 42 Yrs

    Highly recommend!

    After trying various costly treatments without success, I decided to research PRP for hair loss, I went to this clinic and was amazed with how much they cared and how informative they were. Most importantly I can’t believe how well it worked!!! Now I’m confident that my scalp and hair will get better in time with Dr Izharul Hasan. I am having autoimmune problem aslo, Dr. Izharul Hasan is a miracle for me, and everyone at the clinic is such a blessing! Because this is a life-long autoimmune disorder, I will be sure to continue my treatments as needed, and most importantly, to de-stress. Thank you sincerely, to everyone.

  9. Nazmeen 23 F Ghbd

    Now i can say, it is best prp hair treatment center in delhi.

  10. Rubina 36 F

    After 3 prp sessions my hair density and patches improvement visible. I found this center online, affordable price and best quality prp tratment.

  11. Asu Thakur

    Best Prp hair treatment near me. Thanks

  12. Diana Rose 24 F Delhi

    Cheap and best prp for hair in Delhi. Recommend it.

  13. Kokani Manus

    Best prp hair treatment price. This doctor given me following remedies in this price;’
    1. prp hair
    2. microneedlng over head
    3. Hair serum for one month
    4. Head cover cap

  14. Banvir Rajput

    Excellent prp hair treatment results.

  15. Farhana anjum

    Very good service received. Thank you so much.🙂🙂

  16. Anju

    Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Good PRP treatment for hair.

  17. Samilya

    Best PRP treatment

  18. Parul kaur

    Best hair regrowth treatment in Delhi India. Getting new growth after 2 sessions.

  19. Nazma musarrat


  20. Priyanka

    This clinic Hair regrowth treatment near me, s effective, I m big fan of this process for face n hair. Celebrity common treatment.

  21. Manshi Gupta

    Very good,”hair regrowth treatment”. Overall super duper.

  22. Parker CO


  23. Urmila Singh

    Best PRP injections

  24. Giriraj 36 M

    Overall good experience, seems few new growth and thicker hair.

  25. Raj Kumar Samanta

    Good hair fall treatment.

  26. Anamika Srivastava 22 F

    Best hair regrowth treatment in Delhi. My experience was good here. Doctor is full of LOVE, COMPASSION & KINDNESS.

  27. Suman Chatterjee

    Good treatment for hair and skin problems.

  28. Rajesh Sharma

    Found excellent results with hair prp with good diet and exercise

  29. Brijendra Singh

    Super excited.

  30. Deepali Jain 23 F

    Nice one, work’s good

  31. Vikas Gupta

    Best PRP centre

  32. Surekha mandekar

    Good hair regrowth treatment clinic in Delhi.

  33. Wasim Khan

    Good experience here.

  34. Kakul afridi

    I got Scalp Injections For My Thinning Hair. Visible difference noted after 2 sessions.

  35. abhinandan

    Hair treatment is very nice. I also look more fair and my scars are almost gone this place is exceptional and there treatment is superb.

  36. ASI Vikram Jha

    Love the way they respect u visited them for hair fall treatment, all clinic said they were best but belive me this clinic is the best reason is they have many types of hair treatment options at one place, best part is doctor tell u so clear and straight what to expect after hair treatment sessions i think they will rule the market , keep maintaining these standards awesome belive me or not but i am so happy. ROCKS

  37. Anoop Kumar

    Best skin and hair care clinic in Delhi and NCR.

  38. Satya Kumar

    Best clinic.. my experience was very good.. I have taken prp for hair loss.. and now I really happy bcoz my hair loss controlled..and my hair become thicker.. Thanku so much Doctor.😊

  39. Shadab

    I am unable to book my slot online, i needs urgent booking.

  40. Abhinav Malhotra

    Great experience at this clinic , right guidance and good advice . If any friend going for hair fall or hair regrowth then you will visit once this Clinic. Staff is also supportive and professional.

  41. Nandu Kumar

    Clinic is too far from my city. Not reachable.

  42. Neeraj Grover

    Thank you for the Immediate assitance for my Hairfall issues.

  43. shelley

    Have been there for my hair fall issues. I found him skilled and very friendly doctor. Recommended him to many of my aquaintances and they too are happy with the results. Highly recommended doctor.

  44. Yatin Rajput

    Very Happy with my PRP session at this center. Full value worth PRP services

  45. Shailesh Kumar

    Worthy of money 💸 best hair regrowth treatment in Delhi 💯

  46. Akhilesh Gupta


  47. Varun Dhawan

    Best PRP injections treatment in Delhi. Value of cost price.

  48. Meghna Prince

    Good hair regrowth treatment.❤️

  49. Gagan

    The best hair treatment clinic in Delhi without any doubts. everything seems to be perfect with these guys . I come here for my alopecias issue consultation with Dr Izharul Hasan, ty listen me very carefully and recommend me best …tq

  50. Ranjan Gupta

    I’m really very satisfied with my result of hair growth. Dr Izharul Hasan is really very humble and very well experienced dr. Best clinic in delhi for hair treatment and PRP clinic.

  51. Sudha 23 F

    Experienced professionals in the clinic.. i have done hair prp sessions at the clinic and I m very much satisfied with the services. Dr Izharul Hasan did the entire process.. Great service 👍🏽

  52. Ruchita Agarwal

    I had an amazing experience here. I am taking hair treatments. I am very comfortable with staff specially Dr Hassan and Amit both are very professional. Special thanks for both of you.

  53. Vishal Sharma

    It was awesome experience. Cooperative staff n everthing is good.
    thanks so much.
    M happy with your service 👍
    I’ll come again here for my hair treatment session 👍

  54. Vipul Bhardwaj

    I had amazing experience here with satisfied results after service..!!

    Dr Izharul hasan is a professional and experineced doctor at this karol bagh branch.. recommended to get your appointment fixed to this doctor.

  55. Rinki Kashyap

    amazing prp treatment as I read a lot about it. It was an amazing experience. Thank you doctor

  56. Andie Valentino

    I had a very good and professional experience. the equipments were well maintained. the doctor is very helpful. the treatment is very good. highly recommended !!

    Andie Valentino

  57. Reema vol

    Got my face and hair PRP together from this clinic. It was good and i did not experience much pain. Its been 1 and half months now, my face is looking better now infact my skin tone has improved a lot and my hair fall has stopped..

  58. Narayan Singh Rathore

    Best PRP hair treatment in Delhi. It is best option for hair fall. Happy with the treatment.

  59. Vikram samvat

    Satisfied with this hair regrowth treatment. 💯💯💯💯 Good price and best results.

  60. Arihant enterprises

    Stopped hair fall in first session. Latest and upto date. Perhaps this is the reason it works so fast.

  61. Jaggi Vasudev

    Very good treatment. 👍👍👍👍

  62. Aarti Sharma

    Superb 👍🙏 hair treatment option

  63. Zia parveen

    This is good PRP treatment. Cheap and affordable. Good deal.

  64. Ishita Sharma 19 F

    Very very gud quality p-r-p injections. Love this treatment.

  65. Arpita Yadav 21 F

    Best One.

  66. Aaditya Garg

    sUPERBS , kEEP IT up sir.

  67. Jai Mata Di

    Best prp hair treatment

  68. ‘Riya Riya 19 F Delhi

    It’s a good treatment center for people suffering from hair and skin problems. At this center Dr helped me in treating hair problems. Really played a major role in my speed recovery of damaged hair. Best services with best quality doctors. Tq U .

  69. sumedha sharma

    Had wonderful experience.

  70. Samantha Akkineni


  71. Ranu MP

    It is prp treatment and good option for hair treatment. Aaj mera 6th session tha, guys and girls it is right option to choose.

  72. Jagat Narula

    Best injection for hair growth

  73. Jason momoa

    Best Hair Specialist Clinic Providing Best Solution For Hair

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