PRP Treatment for hair growth with 30 ml hair serum

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a treatment that doctors use to accelerate healing in various areas of the body. It may help restore hair growth. The Platelet Rich Plasma has growth factors and stems cell-stimulating cells, which rejuvenates the hair follicles and promotes growth. The skin itself is not damaged but rather stimulated as well, giving a shiny appearance to the skin after the treatment. The thickness of the follicle is also improved with stimulation by platelets and growth factors in the PRP. The procedure will eventually reinvigorate the hair cycle and attempt to grow new follicles whilst improving the thickness/strength of scalp hair.
1. It stops hair fall within 1 to 2 sessions.
2. New Hair growths starts after 2 sessions of treatment
3. It stimulates your hair follicles, improve circulation of hair follicles, nourish them.
4. Thicken your hair, increase density of hair
5. Best quality PRP treatment
6. International standard protocols are followed to get best results.
7. Cheapest and highest quality, everyone can afford.
8. Visible results seen after 1 or 2 sessions
9. Long Lasting, No side effects, No risk, 100 Percent safe.
10. Done by 15 years experienced professional doctor.

Studies suggest that plain PRP treatments for hair loss are good for around 6 weeks while PRP treatments combined extracellular matrixes last for up to 2 years. However, repeated treatments may be required after 3 to 6 months.
PRP Hair Restoration or hair loss treatment is suitable for both men and women. Androgenic baldness or male pattern baldness is a very worldwide type of hair loss observed in both males and females. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an autologous preparation of platelets in well-matured plasma. Although the optimal PRP platelet concentration is unclear, the current methods by which PRP is prepared report 300-700% enrichment, with platelet concentrations consequently increasing to increasingly than 1,000,000 platelets/L. PRP has attracted sustentation in several medical fields considering of its worthiness to promote wound healing. Activation of start granules of platelets releases numerous proteins, including platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), transforming growth factor (TGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), insulin-like growth factor (IGF), epidermal growth factor (EGF) and interleukin (IL). It is hypothesized that growth factors released from platelets may act on stem cells in the rugosity zone of the follicles, stimulating the minutiae of new follicles. Typically, one can measure improvements in Hair Mass Index months before the results are visible to the naked eye. Increases in Hair Mass Index predict how much visual improvement the patient is likely to see in the months to come.
This is one of the safest and non-invasive US FDA approved services that uses your own blood plasma, rich in platelets. This plasma contains crucial growth factors that help miniaturized hair follicles to become healthier, producing more robust hair growth. This hair loss treatment is natural, with no down time and performed by us. This hair loss treatment completely safe, very effective, long lasting results.

58 reviews for PRP Treatment for hair growth with 30 ml hair serum

  1. Rashmi Gaur

    Superb treatment for hair problem. Took 5 sessions here. Overall affordable price and good results.

  2. Abhishek Kumar

    I am writing this review to thank for the wonderful experience, my results are exactly what i expected for my hair issues. I had suffured hair loss when i was very young due to my genetics. . and of course was so depressed & stressed about it that it started to affect my studies then my parents took to me so many different doctors and tried with medications , lotions and therapy to grow back new hair. Really are one stop solutions to your hair problems. It is the best place to be if you have any issues regarding hair.

  3. Reena Chaudhary

    Best Hair Treatment without transplantation in India, i had gone through this prp treatment. It had helped me with all my queries and being satisfactory. I recommend anybody who is looking for hair loss problems.

  4. Vishnoi Er

    Highly satisfied. Good listener. Highly recommendation after first assessment. Always feel happy as come back.

  5. Anup Sharma

    Amazing doctor and treatment both. Found more better results in my hair issues beyond expectation. meri taraf se without hesitation recommendation hai.

  6. Ruchita Agarwal

    Thanks Shiva. Completely Stop my hair fall after 3 visits. Good clinic and best treatment.

  7. Nitin Kumar

    After 4 times this procedure was done, it looks my natural hair got my hair back, changed my look completely. Now i do not want loss hair again. It is simple treatment, i was scared while getting first therapy.

  8. MAdhu Kumari

    Losing my hair has been a big snooping of mine since 19 years old, well-expressed my confidence. I’ve tried every treatment and nothing seemed to make a difference. A friend recommended Dr. Izharul Hasan for PRP treatments, and I couldn’t be increasingly thankful. He is very gentle, kind, and understanding of my needs. I’m so so amazed with the results. I saw wondrous results without one treatment only. Without 4 months of treatment my hair stopped falling out and continues to get thicker every day. I can cut my hair the way I want, and I never wear caps anymore! I strongly recommend him for those of you who suffer with a hair loss. I will post my surpassing and without the treatment pictures below. I’m able to style my hair so much easier now.Thank you dr for giving me my hair and conviction back! Dr Given me following regime in this price: One PRP Session, Hair Serum around 50 ml, .

  9. Sneha Kumari 21 Yrs

    Dr. Izharul Hasan is amazing , I am so glad I found him! He is very kind and compassionate, and really takes the time to listen all concerning problems and get to know me. Finally he explains all things very well too. I expected this to be painful and he makes this almost painless and of course it was completely painless, I am 3 PRP hair treatments in and 3 months out from baseline and already seeing results. I am so happy and excited to continue on with the treatments. As per my knowledge it is best quality cheapest PRP Treatment center in Delhi. Highly recommendation from me.

  10. Aparna Yadav 19 yrs

    My experience with Dr.Izharul Hasan has been truly amazing, I was partially bald in the top of my head, Dr. Izharul Hasan treated me with PRP along with his own preparation hair serum and my results are great, it took some time, but the process worked, my hair is really full in the top, effects are worth a thousand words, my before and after pictures speak for me….I am so pleased with my new look, Dr. Izharul Hasan has become my savior, he has been so patient and helpful to me. With PRP you have to be patient, don’t give up, It Works, along with Dr. Izharul Hasan magic hands, I am a very happy girl, Please check out this center located in Karol Bagh, New Delhi..You will be pleasantly surprised at the care and the professionalism and kindness from Dr. Izharul Hasan and Staff.

  11. Aditi

    This procedure was almost pain-free and the effects were notice after 2nd session. good prp doctor in delhi at this price i found with 1 month hair serum also.

  12. Sumbul Fatima

    Best prp treatment in delhi for hair and skin. Without hesitation fully recommendation from myside.

  13. Queen Adeel

    Best prp hair treatment in delhi. Cheapest and best quality i notice. I rcb effects from 2nd session.

  14. Almas Qureshi 24 F Noida

    It expedites hair follicle growth resulting in hair growth. The time to do the procedure and the recovery time is small and It is a safe procedure. On dated 23 Apr it was 4th session. Visible results.

  15. Hari Ohm

    Affordable price for prp treatment. Today was my second treatment session. No pain and no discomfort.

  16. Anmol

    Great results with PRP for hair loss
    I’ve had three PRP treatments for hair with space around 25 days. My last treatment was three months ago.

  17. Suresh Raina

    PRP treatment thicken and seemingly improve the density of my existing scalp hair.

  18. Ruchi 46 F Noida

    I am very happy to have Dr Izharul hasan, MD as my Doctor. He is very thorough & caring. It is very helpful to be able to get an appointment when you need for treatment.

  19. Adnan

    Best PRP Treatment in Delhi, Best PRP Doctor, Low cost and high quality. Forever recommendations to my friends and relatives.

  20. Jagan dada

    Very good hair treatment.

  21. Raman

    For me it is Best PRP hair treatment in Delhi. Safe and having wonderful results.

  22. Swati

    Good for hair fall treatment.

  23. Nirmala, preet vihar


  24. Saurabh Gupta

    Best Hair Fall Treatment in Delhi. Good Job doctor. Keep it up.

  25. Sakshi

    Prp hair treatment is wonderful and effective treatment now a days. Highly recommended to all, Thnks

  26. Parmila

    Best cost of PRP treatment in Delhi. Best PRP hair treatment clinic in Delhi. Seen excellent results.

  27. Ritu Raj

    Unbelievable, thank you so much for giving such excellent results. Stopped hair fall complete in two times only. 👍👍🙏

  28. Mohd Saquib

    Satisfied with this treatment. A good hope for people suffering hair problems. Dear guys recommendation.

  29. Rajnish manga

    In my opinion, this centre is best for PRP hair treatment. Best PRP doctor in Delhi.

  30. Satendra saten

    I got my hair loss treatment at this centre 6 months ago and I am very much satisfied with the results. Dr Izharul is highly professional and cooperative. Highly skilled, . I recommend this clinic to everyone who is looking out for the best hair treatment in Delhi.

  31. Ishant Sharma

    I am taking treatment for hair loss and have done my hair PRP injections. Very well trained and experienced especially thanks Dr Izharul ji
    I have an excellent experience.

  32. Sabih er

    The doctor is expert skills, best part is very honest and trustworthy,
    He is giving me the right suggestion.
    his assistants are also good experience, warm and welcoming.
    Till now 46 days the results are pretty good, not find any negative. Hope for better result in 3-6months.
    If you are considering a hair treatment, this is the best doctor clinic to use.

  33. Sameer chanda

    The treatment I’m taking is satisfied and result oriented. I find staff here very cooperrative and positive. They are always ready to make adjustments according to my schedule. Value of money. Best PRP doctor in Delhi.

  34. Shaurya Kumari

    The results are amazing and visible difference in hair growth from the second session itself. 6 sessions package is worth the money. Would highly recommend.

  35. Manisha Harsh

    I m taking services for hair treatment from this clinic and i am happy with the service…. Docror done great job…Would suggest everyone to visit him.

  36. Inderpal

    Perfect place to change your lifestyle! Specially Dr Izharul Hasan who has done his job in very polite way! Over all staff is friendly!
    Most recommended place for hair treatment!

  37. DK Knowledge

    Very good staff..great services and results…products and prp treatment for hair they recommend are very effective…great ambience…very cooperative 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  38. Jatin Kapoor

    best hair solution, v get the best service in Karol Bagh branch…. for the bestest service contact this clinic. I got wonderful results. Recommend

  39. Ritu Sharma

    Best hair treatment clinic in Delhi. Happy with the treatment.

  40. Akshay kumar

    Results are awesome. Today is my 3rd visit to receive 3rd PRP hair PRP injections.

  41. Mustafizur Rahman

    Satisfied with this treatment. Natural and safe. These injections are painless. Good results in hair regrowth.

  42. Neha Goel

    Done my hair PRP results are awesome. Doctor here is very professional. Thank you team dr Izharul Hasan

  43. Jatin rajput

    This is the best clinic.. my experience was very good.. I have taken prp for hair loss.. and now I really happy bcoz my hair loss controlled..and my hair become thicker.. Thanku so much Doctor.😊

  44. Anand Jain

    This is the feedback post my PRP session from this herbal medicine Clinic. I must say it was a great experience and I am happy about the results. This shows that Clinic lived up in their words and I built more trust for them. It is definitely the best place for PRP hair treatment.

  45. Sumitra Nandan

    Happy with this prp treatment.

  46. Vishal Kumar

    This is the PRP centre where my mother gets her treatment for hair fall. Highly hygienic place and recommend.

  47. Fitness health care

    Extremely pleased with my care and the professionalism of the doctor, Attention to every detail was their utmost importance to my care and I could not have been in better hands. Thank you for everything and I look forward to taking my life back

  48. Nandi Biswas

    Best PRP treatment center in Delhi and NCR. Affordable cost. Would like to recommend.

  49. Ankita konwar 29

    Good one.

  50. Anjum Chaudhary

    It s working, results are awesome 🙏,more than my expectations.

  51. Prerna 31 F

    Generally i don’t like to give review, but i think it is important to give review if any service found as per expectation. I took 7 prp hair sessions here at this clinic, my hair volume was too much after corona infection. however still 2 sessions are balance, i got my hair back completely, 100 percent recovered. Without hesitation i recommend this clinic only. There method of prp treatment is little different but having fabulous results. Thank you doctor, you are doing great work. I was totally upset.

  52. Norien

    Miraculous results. in my opinion, this is best PRP treatment center in Delhi and NCR.

  53. Mansi

    Good one @PRP Treatment

  54. Ananda Esthetics

    would like to share my review on behalf of my dearest friend. she had treatment for skin pigmentation and hair fall at this center. For me the best part is i got very positive response from her since i had recommended her this clinic. She is quite happy with results.

  55. Sapna 17 F Noida

    5 star rated in terms of professionalism and quality of work. After looking online about pigmentation removal, I went there. My treatment went fine, and their staff is supportive and services are great. Do not hesitate to choose this clinic for any skin care needs.

  56. Komal Verma 23 F

    Very pleased with the hair treatment. They did all that I wanted and made sure I was pleased with the outcome. Good results.

  57. Kajal Sharma

    Effects are awesome.

  58. Neha Bhasin

    #PRP Hair Treatment

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