Benefits of PRP for Skin and Hair: Skin doctor near me

If you are searching for skin doctor near me or looking for skin care, hair care or suffering from pain, it is right place for you. Prp along with other therapies and herbal formulations treatment you can opt from here.

What conditions are treated with PRP?
•  Trauma and acute injury: Platelet Rich Plasma infiltrations are used in the Treatment in Delhi of sports injuries and acute trauma, such asknee sprains, ligament rupture, tears and muscle stretches. In orthopedics, PRP is used to accelerate the healing process of fractures and when prosthetic applications are carried out; For skin it is used for skin rejuvenation treatment, acne, wrinkles, fine lines and various skin diseases is t is very useful. For hair regrowth purposes it is used commonly now days by professional expert doctors. (Ref Skin doctor near me: PRP Treatment in Delhi)

Tendon injuries: PRP can accelerate the healing of a tendon after an injury (as a rule, this process occurs very slowly). Platelet-rich plasma infiltrations are also used to treat chronictendon injuries, such as: tennis player’s elbow, inflammation of the Achilles tendon or pain in the kneecap tendon;

•  Osteoarthritis: therapies based on Platelet-rich plasma are applied for the management of degenerative orthopedic diseases, suchas osteoarthritisof the knee, hip and ankle;

• Post-surgical repair PRP is used to accelerate wound healing.

PRP is also administered in the Treatment in Delhi of:

• Burns and scars; Hair regrowth, Skin problems
• Bedsores;
• Vascular and diabetic ulcers;
• Androgenetic alopecia;

What the Treatment in Delhi provides
How to get Platelet-Rich Plasma

As anticipated, Platelet-Rich Plasma is an autologous substance that is obtained from the centrifugation of the venous blood taken by the patienthimself, against which subsequent application is expected. This preparation requires high precision: the purpose of the method is to obtain the maximum possible platelet concentration, preserving the vitality of the elements.

The entire process for obtaining platelet-rich plasma must also comply with the quality and safety requirements imposed by the legislation. For this reason, at the end of the extraction and separation process, appropriate quality checks and microbiological examinations are carried out on a small sample of the PRP obtained.

Finally, the test pieces containing the concentrate are stored in cold rooms suitable for use in the various planned Treatment in Delhi sessions.

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