Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment- Indications For Use


Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment- Indications For Use

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What is PRP Therapy?
Our blood consists of a liquid component known as plasma. It also consists of three main solid components which include red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), and platelets. Platelets play an important role in forming blood clots. They also consist of special proteins, known as growth factors, which help with our body’s healing process. Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a high concentration of platelets and plasma. A normal blood specimen contains only 6% platelets, while platelet-rich plasma contains 94% platelets and 5 to 10 times the concentration of growth factors found in normal blood, thus providing greater healing properties.

Indications for PRP:-

The PRP treatment has a wide range of clinical indications for different kind of wounds. Numerous scientific articles have been published for the treatment of venous ulcers, for diabetic foot ulcers, acute and traumatic wounds and selected clinical cases with pressure injuries.

In these last years, it has been used even for treatment in orthopaedic (several orthopaedic conditions such as muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries, arthritis and fractures. PRP injections can help alleviate painful symptoms, promote faster healing and delay joint replacement surgeries), dermatology, dentistry, and rejuvenation treatment and so on.

Commonly used for

  • Men and women
  • Premature hair loss
  • Delayed regrowth
  • In conjunction with hair transplant procedure

There are many benefits to using PRP:

No risk of rejection or infection as injected PRP comes from the patient’s own blood
• Simple and reliable procedure
• Non-surgical intervention
• Fast recovery
• No pain, no anesthesia is required
• Stimulation and strengthening of grafts after transplant
Verification of effectiveness by digital phototrichogram


  • Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and the protocols adapt according to the patients. In general, the protocol is as follows: 2 sessions at 3 months, then 1 to 2 sessions each year.
  • A digital phototrichogram of control is performed at each session.
  • Results are generally observed from the 2nd session, this observation may vary depending on the patient’s response rate to the treatment.

FEES/ Offer at this center for Hair and Face:-

Get 100% Safe Non-surgical hair treatment PRP just Rs 3200/-only with 1 month hair serum. No Pain No swelling, No scar, Natural procedure, sanitized & contactless.

PRP Treatment Address:-

Herbal Medicine and Cupping Therapy Clinic, F 36, DB Gupta Market, Karol bagh, New Delhi, M 8287833547


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