Studies have shown that up to 48% could also be concerned about some aspect of their sexual health specially for erectile dysfunction. Concerns are often age dependent. In men, 30% will suffer from erectile problems during their lives, but only 3% seek help from a consultant doctor. PRP for erectile dysfunction and sexual rejuvenation may be a newer application of the PRP technique which has been used safely in these other therapeutic areas. PRP treatment has been applied for sports, trauma and disease injuries for a few time, and more recently for hair loss and skin rejuvenation treatments, like the Vampire facial concept.

One in 10 men worldwide experience male erecticle dysfunction, and over 80% of ED issues are caused by poor blood flow. Globally, half all men encounter some sort of sexual dysfunction, so it’s not surprise that a lot of are hospitable the thought of treatment to enhance their sexual performance with stronger erections, longer endurance, and a decreased recovery phase. Some patients have described traditional treatments for erectile dysfunction as uncomfortable and expensive with varied and unpredictable results–until now.

For sexual health problems in both men and ladies , they will be used for treating male erecticle dysfunction and other penile abnormalities or size issues in men, plus an inability to realize orgasm, painful sexual activity or vaginal dryness in women, also as overall improvements in sexual satisfaction and libido for both genders.

Different types of PRP

There are different methods of preparing the PRP for re-injection; for instance, how long and at what speed the blood sample is centrifuged for and therefore the device and collection tubes used, also as other agents added during the creation of the injectable PRP. There are some practitioners that prefer spinning the blood sample twice, once to get rid of the red blood cells then again to concentrate the platelets within the plasma before injection. Your practitioner should be ready to tell you about the precise method used at their clinic and explain why they think it’s most advantageous for this application.

PRP injections are designed to assist those that have lost function thanks to aging, diabetes, prostatic adenocarcinoma , the after-effects of surgery, or other conditions like hardening of the arteries. PRP injections don’t include risk side effects like stroke, headaches, heart attacks, or erections that last for hours like other treatment options.

Sexual Problems are often treated with PRP

In Men – sexual dysfunction; like male erecticle dysfunction , and little or abnormal shaped penises. (PRP for erectile dysfunction)

Results can also include: improved libido; increased erection quality; heightened sexual pleasure; increased sexual stamina; increased penile girth and length; improved blood flow and circulation.

In Women – anorgasmia (the inability to realize climax or orgasm), lack of interest in sex, poor vaginal lubrication, dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse), and enuresis .

Results can also include: improved libido; more pleasurable and frequent orgasms; improved natural lubrication; decreased pain during intercourse.

By administering platelet rich plasma on to the penis, the Priapus Shot (also called the M-Shot) delivers erections that are:

  • Firmer
  • Larger
  • More frequent
  • Longer-lasting

Through PRP for erectile dysfunction, the Priapus Shot promotes the expansion of latest tissue. The results of the Priapus Shot (PRP) can assist you have better erections for up to 18 months or longer.

During PRP Sexual rejuvenation Treatment

A full medical record should even be taken to form sure that there are not any reasons why you shouldn’t undertake this treatment. you’ll be asked to sign a consent form which suggests that you simply have understood the potential benefits and risks related to the procedure.
What follows next will depend upon the precise PRP technique and system used. for a few practices, after centrifuging, the PRP must be activated by the addition of salt or gluconate to initiate the fibrin clotting process. The platelet rich matrix must then be used within 10-12 minutes before it solidifies. The PRP are going to be injected into the erogenous areas. For women, this might include injections into the clitoris and vaginal wall, or simply into the vaginal wall, counting on the diagnosis. In men, the injections are made into the penis, into the 2 sponge like cylinders of tissue within the shaft of the penis, referred to as the corpus cavernous.

Initial treatments may take between 40-60 minutes. Usually one treatment is taken into account enough, but in some cases, you’ll be recommended to possess another treatment approximately 4 to eight weeks after the primary. This is often to initiate another healing and protein cascade into the world for an increased result, counting on the appliance of the treatment. You’ll then wish to possess top-up treatments over the approaching years. Results are expected to last up to 1.5 years, but each patient is different and results achievable will vary per individual, hooked in to the symptoms treated and therefore the age of the person.

Photographs can also be taken by the practitioner for a “before and after” comparison later, particularly for men, if erectile problems or penile abnormalities are being treated. A questionnaire on sexual health can also be completed at different time frames to assess and analyse the effectiveness of the treatment.

Recovery time after PRP sexual rejuvenation

Treatment is often performed taking 40-60 minutes. Most of the people can return to figure immediately afterwards, so there’s none, or little, down time.

Sanitary pad protection is suggested for ladies post-treatment just in case of spot bleeding.

In either sex, there could also be sight redness or swelling within the injected area(s) and loose undergarments are recommended for comfort and to help healing.


Because PRP is natural and autologous, using the body’s own healing processes, it’s considered safe. It’s also mostly painless, with minimal down time. The results are very individual and you would like to be clear about what you expect to happen, and be realistic about the result you’ll achieve.

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