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What is Cupping (Hijama Therapy)

Cupping therapy (Hijama) is a traditional form of medicine in which a expert and professional doctor puts special cups on your skin at specific meridian points for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including helping with pain, inflammation, thoroughbred flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

The cups may be made of:

· Glass

· Bamboo

· Earthenware

· Silicone

Cupping therapy might be trendy now, but it’s not new. It dates when to warmed-over Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. One of the oldest medical textbooks in the world, the Ebers Papyrus, describes how the warmed-over Egyptians used cupping therapy in 1,550 B.C.

There are twotypes of Cupping (Hijama):

· Dry cupping (hijama)

· Wet cupping (hijama)

I am Healthy, Is it Suitable for me too?

Of course, you will goody from it. Its like having your car tune up every 6 months so that it keeps trouble free. As there is no side effect of Hijama. Any one can have it washed-up and one certainly feels good and fresh without Hijama. It improves your over all health and improve quality of life.

Health Benefits of Hijama

· Detoxify your body

· Cupping Therapy (Hijama) has a dramatic detoxifying effect on the skin and circulatory system. By increasing the spritz of thoroughbred and plasma through the veins and arteries, cupping enhances the cleansing and removal of toxins.

· Cupping Therapy (Hijama) has stimulating and strengthening effects so it successfully treats the pursuit conditions:

· Constipation and Diarrhea

· Headaches

· Back pain

· Arthritis

· Injuries

· Depression

· Emotional problems

· Skin problems

· Immunity booster

· Weight loss and much more.

Even though Hijama is a very simple procedure, it has dramatic effects. Our health and well-being are tied up with the immune system and are totally dependent on the spritz of thoroughbred and Qi (energy) and soul fluids like hormones and lymphatic fluid. Traditional medicine tells us that all pain is due to stagnation of these symptoms.

About Cupping Therapy in Delhi:-

Cupping Therapy in Delhi (Hijama) is registered Clinic providing best quality Hijama treatment in city by Professional qualified, certified and caring practitioners.

Can I take this therapy by any of Therapist or Doctor?

No, it is not advisable. Always keep in mind, choose professional and experienced doctor of the same field only. If it is done by unprofessional or untrained it may give more critical condition you. Many of unprofessional or jhola chaap you can get in the market who are performing this therapy, however they do not know abcd of the anatomy or medical science. Always avoid such people. Do not allow any body to play with your health. Many people thinks that it is just putting cups phenomenon, it looks simple procedure but experienced and professional doctor only can give you results so always try to choose professional doctor only.

Why Cupping Therapy in Delhi is Best:-



· We at Cupping Therapy in Delhi offer a unique and professional treatment. We treat our patients with uneaten special superintendency and analyse them as an individual and put them on a treatment plan equal to their specific needs.

· RELIBLE:- Our practitioners are professional, experienced, qualified and who have a zeal and enthusiasm in treating patients with the utmost superintendency and responsibility. We alimony confidentiality of each patient at our priority.

· HEALTHY:- We strive to exceed our patients and/or fellow caregivers expectations for Hygeine repletion and convenience.


· Cupping Therapy is a powerful way of helping the healing process itself.

· It works by removing stale, stagnant thoroughbred and other pathogens through the skin

· It is an organic, natural and traditional system of medicine regime.

· Cupping can even work hand in hand with allopathic medicine.

· It works by creating a negative pressure in the area applied, thus helping to relieve pain and reduce congestion.

· It works in the opposite way to massage therapy, as massage therapy uses positive pressure on the surface of the skin.

· It is not painful, but it a strong vacuum that can feel like a hard pinch

Cupping Therapy in Delhi :- F 36, Herbal Medicine and cupping therapy clinic, In front of Swagat Place Hotel, DB Gupta Market Karol Bagh, New Delhi 110005. Ph 91–8287833547

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